Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Arrivederci amore, ciao

Geldof played in Milan. A bigger audience this time! And with no more concerts scheduled and no album in the offing, this could be the last Geldof concert.

The MTV webcast is a mix of songs and interviews conducted in English with the questions/responses translated into Italian by the interviewer as she conducts the interview. She sits between Geldof and BobVince Loveday whilst conducting the interview. The latter looks like Johnny Vegas' dad!

The performance is at its best when Geldof dips into the Rats back catalogue; there is a storming version of Joey's on the Street Again in Part Three of both the video and podcast. Sadly the audience remaimed seated, though they looked to be tapping their feet and enjoying the free show!


Video Audio Podcast

Broadcast Songs
The Great Song of Indifference
Love or Something
A Sex Thing
Walking Back to Happiness
Banana Republic
The Beat of the Night
I Don't Like Mondays
Joey's On The Street Again
Rat Trap
A Hole to Fill
Attitude Chicken

Given he can't take his solo career any further, I don't suppose he would be tempted to have a 30th anniversary reunion with the rest of the Rats in Dublin next year, would he? Nah!

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