Saturday, May 07, 1977

Rats come across Irish Sea and invade Ribchester

Everybody screamed and roared for more
Lodestar Angels shouting "Encore"
Time was the enemy, we had to kill it dead
The clock kept creeping round so we went to bed instead.
Neon Heart

Back in 1977, the Boomtown Rats played their first ever U.K. gig at the Lodestar at Ribchester.

Apparently Geldof, and presumably the rest of the band, stayed at the Victoria Hotel in Clitheroe and charmed the locals in his inimatible manner!

A very little known fact about the Vic is probably the most famous person to stay the night there is no other than 'Sir' Bob Geldof. From the stage 'Sir' Bob gave Clitheroe a right slagging calling it 'a right shithole'.

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