Thursday, December 11, 2008

Geldof in Norway

Some dates by Geldof in Norway. I had no idea he was so popular in Scandanavia!

9th December Lillestrøm Kultursenter (or maybe not according to the reviews/comments)
10th December Skien Ibsenhuset (seemingly popular in Skien)
11th December Nøtterøy Kulturhus
13th December Tromsø Kulturhus - so far north, it is more or less in perpetual darkness in December!
14th December Oslo Gamle Logen AS


Janaina said...

Bob Geldof is one of my heroes! :)

Anonymous said...

more popular than the so called new rats!

Anonymous said...

5 out 6 in lillestrom review so that's not popular then! must try this sarcasm bit as your attitude towards mr geldof is full of it. Has he got on the wrong side of you? maybe he didn't sign an autograph for you once?

ArrGee said...

Yes, Geldof has got on the wrong side of me. A long story, but it has a lot to do with discussions on him cancelling concerts down the years and ending with his tour manager calling me a knobhead. That said I don't see the sarcasm in this blog entry.

He ought to be more popular than the "so called new rats". After all he is pretty close to being one of the most famous people in the Western world.

Anonymous said...

Must admit i saw the new rats a bilston and thought it was rubbish.Truly believed that geldof was with them as the advertising indicated it was the boomtown rats there were a few complaints on that score(not regarding the music just the advertising).Was poorly attended which was a surprise for that venue and the big guy who sang was a bit of a joke really but that's only my personal opinion.I would think the starry eyed ones thought it was great really i certainly won't see them again.Regarding your comment on cancellations i see the rats are trying to catch him up then by pulling concerts themselves who's in the lead Mr Geldof or them?.

ArrGee said...

I think Geldof is way in the lead on that score. The new Rats have yet to cancel a concert. Two have had a change of date, and there have been some venue changes for 2009 but none have been cancelled outright as far as I know. I don't know about Bilston, but I saw them in London and they were great. No one there expected a diiferent line up, but I have seen adverts which are a bit misleading.