Friday, July 16, 2010

Gerry Cott - Urban Soundscapes

Tracklisting (Previews)

01 Liverpool: Eleanor Rigby
02 Munich: Central Station to Seeg
03 Merritt: Last stop before Vancouver
04 NYC: Cab Ride
05 London: The Southbank Nighttime
06 Santander: Looking out on a stormy sea
07 Tokyo: Walkways
08 Kiev: Big cars darkened windows
09 San Francisco: Up The Down Staircase
10 Maui: The road to Hana
11 Dublin: Empty streets with distant echoes
12 Scarborough: Going to the fair
13 Carrickfergus: Looking back

Looks like Gerry took on board my comments of picking up the guitar again a couple of years ago when I met him at the 100 Club. Sadly he has not rejoined the Rats (boo!), but he has made a solo guitar album entitled Urban Soundscapes (hooray!).

"I always was an acoustic guitarist masquerading as a rocker.". Indeed. The album kicks off with an impressive version of Eleanor Rigby so far with Gerry's distinctive lyrical style of playing. I have to confess for fans of the Rats this record may not rock your boat. Though the guitar playing is technically good and shows off Gerry's abilities, it is incidental music that is ideal background for doing the dishes or other household tasks, but unlikely to hold your interest nor move you.

Of course, you can make your own minds up and purchase the CD at the Gerry Cott Homepage or get it on iTunes . The album is also on Spotify.

You can listen to Eleanor Rigby and Cab Ride in his entry for the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition. The album is also available on

Gerry also has a twitter account you can follow.

There is the promise of some forthcoming tour dates.

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