Monday, October 21, 2013

Ratlife EP

Now available from all good (and not so good) download stores and also on Spotify.

Sadly, Back To Boomtown aside, it's a bit of a disappointment. The eponymous song is fine for when the band come on stage, but not particularly impressive on your stereo, whilst Ratlife evoke memories of Randy Crawford's Streetlife, which isn't a good thing, and Ratified, which sounds like a bad Oasis track, has lyrics where are possibly the lamest I have heard for a very long time.

Boomtown Ratified.
Lead me back to boomtown and I'll be ratified. 
Boomtown Ratified.

Oh dear!

For the record, Back To Boomtown  is slightly abridged mix of the album version and appears to be the same as the video mix.

  1. The Boomtown Rats5:13
  2. Back To Boomtown (The Remix)4:05
  3. Ratlife4:47
  4. Ratified4:12

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