Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday 26th October 2013 - The Roundhouse, London, UK

Another superb show from the Rats.   A very busy Roundhouse, so much so that instead of my usual position about three from the front, there were up to twenty people of so in front.  Still close enough to see everything but with the added improvement of sound and a better overall view of the stage. Plenty of profanity for Geldof and a interesting tale about his fuck off snake skin suit.  Buy the CD if you want to hear it all.

Rat Trap was enhanced with the saxophone hitherto unheard on the UK leg of the tour, I'm not sure what happened in Ireland.  Gerry Cott came onstage for the final two songs of the set (Lookin' After No 1 and Rat Trap).

They played.

  • Eva Braun
  • Like Clockwork
  • Neon Heart
  • She's Gonna Do You In 
  • Someone's Looking 
  • Joey's On The Street Again 
  • Banana Republic 
  • She's So Modern 
  • I Don't Like Mondays 
  • Close As You'll Ever Be 
  • When The Night Comes 
  • Mary of the Fourth Form 
  • Looking After Number One
  • Rat Trap


  • Having My Picture Taken
  • Diamond Smiles 
  • The Boomtown Rats

Support: Patrik Fitzgerald


curzon said...

Truly wonderful concert. Shame about the support...

curzon said...

Absolutely fabulous concert with a great atmosphere. Shame about the bloody awful support getting the evening off to a really downbeat start.

ArrGee said...

Bob Geldof’s sweary fundraising on television at Live Aid back in 1985 rather overshadowed what turned out to be The Boomtown Rats’ last performance in London after nine top 20 hits.

The former Establishment-baiting Irish punk recently summed up the motives behind this comeback tour as age, curiosity and cash.

Slipping into his snotty Seventies persona on stage, he also described the sartorial inspiration for unleashing his roaring vocal and arm-flailing, bug-eyed performance on daft tunes such as (I Never Loved) Eva Braun and (She’s Gonna) Do You In.

“The reason this monumental band is on stage in front of you lucky f***ers tonight is because of this f***ing suit,” Geldof bawled at an audience of beer bellies.

The slick snakeskin outfit in question was actually imitation — just as there was always an ersatz quality to The Boomtown Rats’ punk and new wave.

The bequiffed Garry Roberts powered this 90-minute set with driving guitar while Geldof was manic, scruffy and willing to expose his 62-year-old chest.

He was as outspoken — and foul-mouthed — as ever and claimed the paranoia of Someone’s Looking at You had played out in the Snowden revelations. Banana Republic, which drifted along on Pete Briquette’s reggae bassline, still sounded angry 33 years after it got them banned from touring their own country.

Of course, I Don’t Like Mondays was the centrepiece: the crowd sang it lustily, although it’s an overwrought chart-topper I could happily avoid for another 28 years.

The Rats were more feral on Looking After Number One and a wild, bluesy medley built around Mary of the 4th Form. Rat Trap was raucous fun even if its cloying saxophone and piano had more in common with Showaddywaddy than the Sex Pistols.

They only really disgraced themselves on the encore of their new single, a wretched combination of pub-rock and Nineties rave. It suggests Geldof is in need of a co-ordinated intervention to prevent him inflicting further musical distress on the nation.

ArrGee said...

The iron law of pop reunions states that bands are never as exciting or as loud as you remember them. Even allowing for this, however, the Boomtown Rats sounded unnervingly tame as they began with a string of lesser-known songs from a career that peaked more than 30 years ago.

ArrGee said...

I have a lot of history with The Boomtown Rats as i saw them eight times between between 1977 to 1982 at venues including Hammersmith Odeon and The Rainbow.
This was the Boomtown Rats first London gig since i saw them at Live Aid in 1985.
Tonight is part of their UK tour to promote the album 'Back To Boomtown : ClassicRatsHits'. Their comeback re-union show at The Isle Of Wight Festival this summer was their first show for 27 years.I was at the I.O.W. show but tonight will be better as it is indoors and in front of their own fans.
The Rats are on stage for 1 hour 40 mins with a couple of big screens showing recorded images.
The band sounded nice and tight but it was the 62 year Sir Bob that held everyone's attention as his stage banter was very entertaining.
His tall lean frame was non stop dancing and jerking across the stage and by the end of the show he was dripping in sweat after giving it a full 100%.
Although everyone knows the two massive number ones the band had, you sometimes forget how many other great uptempo songs they have had.
Mega songs on the night were 'She's So Modern',
'I Don't Like Mondays','Mary Of The 4th Form',
'Looking After No.1' and 'Rat Trap' but the whole show was really good,full of energy and fast paced from start to finish.

Lee said...

This was a truly wonderful gig. Perhaps the best of 2013.

Some detailed thoughts here:

Anonymous said...

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