Saturday, September 13, 2014

Live at Heartlands

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Anonymous said...

The biggest surprise of the whole weekend was how monumental the Boomtown Rats were – for 90 minutes they were the best rock’n’roll band on the planet.

Concentrating on the early years when they had a punk heart and Springsteen soul, Geldof, Briquette, Roberts, Crowe and a great new guitarist powered out guttersnipe anthems such as Joey’s On The Street Again, Someone’s Looking At You and She’s So Modern.

Geldof was in his element – looking every inch the perfect frontman in fake snakeskin suit; lithe and sexy according to my female companion, despite the fact he’s now 62.

And, yes, he mouthed off – Ireland, the Church, nationalism all got the infamous eff-word treatment.

The run of Mary Of The 4th Form, Looking After No 1 and Rat Trap was as thrilling as it gets. Then there was I Don’t Like Mondays – a song bigger than the band – whose lyrics must have a sadder resonance for Geldof now. It was stunning.

My heart sank, though, when they drew to a close with The Boomtown Rats, the most woeful comeback single a band has ever produced.

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