Saturday, March 17, 2007

Geldof back at the Irish pub in the middle of the fucking desert

Precious little I can say about this, other than to report it happened and it was a free gig. Next stop Hay-on-Wye in May.§ion=weekend&col=

Bob Geldof is back at the Irish Village in Dubai a year after his last visit. The event is free and the crowd thickens, but there is enough standing room for all. Some laze on the lawn and enjoy the breeze and the timeless voice wafting though it.
“The same old shirt, the same old suit, the same old place and the same old song,” says Geldof to an uproarious crowd. “I never thought we’d celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Dubai with a sandstorm,” he quips. “But it’s a balmy night.”

He croons to a crowd that can’t seem to get enough of him — some old favourite numbers, one that he wrote during a trip to a remote Africa, that was never recorded, and a nice mix of loud and fast numbers and soft and sensuous ones.