Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Geldof at the Hay Festival

A busy day or two for Geldof. He'll need to rest up before heading off to the G8 summit in Germany.

An interview with Mariella Frostrup (Video)

Bob Geldof in Concert
House band, back from Colombia and Spain, play infectious, danceable Irish folk-rock. Frontman talks the talk. Sponsored By: The Granary
Price: £17.00

Set List?

1. The Great Song of Indifference
2. Love or Something
3. A Sex Thing
4. When The Night Comes
5. Walking Back To Happiness
6. Banana Republic
7. Harvest Moon
8. One for Me
9. Mudslide
10. I Don't Like Mondays
11. Birthday Suit
12. Attitude Chicken
13. Someone's Looking At You
14. Joey's on The Street Again
15. Rat Trap
16. Room 19
17. Chains
18. Beat of the Night
19. Diamond Smiles