Monday, August 06, 2012

How to Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell (again)

The signed How to Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell Deluxe Edition  will be released on 6th August 2012 and be strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide.  Adds a few bells and whistles to the original release, most notably the bonus DVD containing the excellent I Am Bob and the Systematic 6-Pack video and making of.  So if you have £60 spare go and treat yourself.  

What you get for your fucking money (apart from Geldof's signature) ...

24 Page booklet which includes text, images and sheet music

Library Card

'How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell' CD Album
1.How I Roll
3.She's A Lover
4.To Live In Love
5.Silly Pretty Thing
6.Systematic 6 - Pack
7.Dazzled By You
8.Mary Says
10.Here's To You
(Hidden- Young & Sober)

'How To Compose More Songs That Will Sell' Bonus CD
1.Walking Back To Happiness
2.Harvest Moon
3.Battersea Morning
4.Systematic 6-Pack
5.The Banker's Song
6.Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

'How To Make More Videos That Will Sell' Bonus DVD
1. A Brief History of Bob
2. Silly Pretty Thing
3. Dazzled By You
4. Blow
5. Systematic 6-Pack
6. Young and Sober
7. Battersea Morning
8. I Am Bob
9. Making Of Systematic 6-Pack
10.Live In Texas (How I Roll)
11.Live in Paris