Thursday, December 11, 2008

Geldof in Norway

Some dates by Geldof in Norway. I had no idea he was so popular in Scandanavia!

9th December Lillestrøm Kultursenter (or maybe not according to the reviews/comments)
10th December Skien Ibsenhuset (seemingly popular in Skien)
11th December Nøtterøy Kulturhus
13th December Tromsø Kulturhus - so far north, it is more or less in perpetual darkness in December!
14th December Oslo Gamle Logen AS

Monday, September 15, 2008

On A Night Like This DVD

A re-release on DVD of a Rats gig from 1985. Was previously available on VHS and also on the now deleted Someone's Looking DVD . I'd advise tracking that down rather than getting this, unless there are a host of previously unavailable extras.

Led by the inimitable Sir Bob Geldof (and totally overshadowed by his later charity work on the Band Aid and Live Aid projects), the Boomtown Rats were nevertheless an important and notable band who were a real force in the charts and active between 1975 and 1986. 5 of the band's Top 40 singles, including 2 Number 1's, are included in this rousing performance to a rammed crowd filmed at The Dominion Theatre, London in 1985.


1. Elephant's Graveyard
2. Charmed Lives
3. Lucky
4. Neon Heart
5. Someone's Looking At You
6. Dave
7. Hold Of Me
8. I Don't Like Mondays
9. Talk In Code
10. Rat Trap
11. Drag Me Down
12. Looking After no 1

Thursday, August 07, 2008

100 Club

Garry Roberts and Simon Crowe were back, but this time they had two new recruits. Peter Barton and Darren Beale.

Peter Barton is a strong R'n'B vocalist who added depth to the vocals on a bunch of classic tracks. Barton even wore his pyjama bottoms lest anyone miss Fingers' sartorial style. He was aided and abetted by Darren Beale whose virtuoso guitar made up for the lack of horns, strings and keyboards. There was the majestic drumming of Simon Crowe holding it all together, and the authentic sound of Garry Roberts, providing the main riffs that made the Rats sounds from 1977 -1979.

The audience were treated to a run through of many of the Rats finest moment from the late seventies.

They played (Peter Barton on lead vocals except where stated) ....
  • Close As You'll Ever Be
  • Looking After Number One
  • Neon Heart
  • Mary of The Fourth Form
  • Joey's On The Street Again
  • Someone's Looking At You
  • I Can Make It If You Can
  • She Does It Right (Lead Vocals : Garry Roberts)
  • Like Clockwork
  • Riot in Cell Block #9 (Lead Vocals : Simon Crowe)
  • She's Gonna Do You In
  • All Through The City (Lead Vocals : Simon Crowe)
  • Rat Trap
  • She's So Modern
  • I Don't Like Mondays
Gerry Cott was also in attendance to watch his former band members going down a storm with the enthusiastic crowd.

It was brilliant! Go and see the Rats! Next stop Blackpool.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Key Street Music Bar, Clitheroe

Monday 4th August - Key Street Music Bar, Clitheroe 01200 422 588. Doors 7.30pm

“We asked but Bob politely declined. He said he's doing his own thing now,” said Simon. “Bob's gone in a different musical direction and we're about taking it back to basics."

Simon wants to make sure I make it clear that it's just two of the original line-up reuniting — himself on drums and Garry Roberts on guitar. They're being joined by The Animals' Peter Barton on bass and Darren Beale on lead guitar.

“I wouldn't say 'just' two of us though,” said Simon. “We'll be playing the songs we used to play when we first started off in 1975 — all the early stuff that really defined the Rats, We're drawing the line after the second album.”

“Garry and I talked about it before but although we could have got a few pub gigs we didn't really have the contacts in the music business to make it work from a commercial sense,” said Simon.

Simon and Garry contacted the other Rats but they were all too busy.

“We thought we'd just carry on anyway,” said Simon. “The music comes naturally to me and Garry but the new guys have had to do a bit of homework. It's not been a problem though. They're such good musicians they've slipped into it.”

“We did a gig in Devon the other day and the place was hopping — it was absolutely electric. It was so long since it's happened like that I forgot the feeling.”

The band hope to record a new album in 2009 but they're not getting carried away.

“We're taking one step at a time,” said Simon. "We're just going to get out there and see what reaction we get. But the message is watch this space. We're back, we're in action and it could be Boomtime again.”

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rats first gig in 20 plus years in Devon.

Hundreds were turned away and left outside the Pigs Nose Inn , East Prawl, Devon for the return of The Rats. A set comprising of early songs and Dr. Feelgood covers went down like a storm. A great night out for those who happened to be on vacation in that part of the world. The rest of us have a few opportunities to catch them in August and early next year.

Fingers Fest

Seems like Johnnie is pretty busy way out east. No wonder he wasn't able to join The Rats.

Fuji Rock Line Up

BBC report

But while the event is unashamedly based on Glastonbury, Fuji Rock is a totally different experience.

"It might be inspired by Glastonbury, but done in a Japanese way," says the festival's international organiser, Johnnie Fingers.

Fingers' real name is John Moylett, but he is better known to many as a founding member of The Boomtown Rats. He has been working in the Japanese music scene for 15 years, and has been part of the Fuji Rock team for six of them.

'Fuji experience'

"We call it the Fuji experience. It is like Glastonbury, but has been perfected in that Japanese way," he says.

"The biggest difference is that is so clean. Everybody cleans up their own mess.

"It is also so secure and safe. People leave things out without worrying about theft."

Fingers adds Fuji Rock - named after the mountain which played host to the first festival in 1997 - has set itself apart by keeping sponsorship to a minimum, concentrating on the festival's spectacular setting in a steep mountain valley.

"Japanese people are so used to being surrounded by advertising and sponsorship, so we have tried to make this feel like a weekend away in the countryside," he explains.

The festival attracts a mainly Japanese crowd, with about 90% of revellers being local.

A final question for Johnnie Fingers - has he persuaded any of his old Boomtown Rats bandmates to visit Fuji Rock yet?

He shakes his head: "Not yet. Bob Geldof was over here recently and we had dinner. It was the first time I'd seen him in 20 years - but he mainly wanted to talk about the G8."

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bobby Geldog in the Wizard of Cott

You just can't keep the Rats out of the news these days......

Daily Mail

GMTV Interview with Gerry Cott

Bobby the westie is hailed by critics as the real star of the capital's Wizard Of Oz show

Toto is played by Bobby, a West Highland terrier who has something of a showbusiness pedigree - he is the protege of former Boomtown Rats guitarist Gerry Cott.

Mr Cott, who founded the group with Bob Geldof but quit before their fifth album was released, has coached Bobby to perform tricks that leave audiences open-mouthed

Mr Cott, 55, who lives with his wife Cathy and sons Harry, 19, and Sonny, 11, near Leatherhead, said: 'He has integrated so well with the cast because he is so calm and relaxed.

Our method of training works on the dog's character and confidence, which means they can be comfortable even on stage in front of hundreds of people.

'It is a bit like, "Look at me, look at me,"' said Mr Cott.

'It was a little unfair of him to muscle in on such a lovely moment in the play.'

He and Harry, who is working as Bobby's chaperone during the show's run, spent a week integrating the dog with the cast and teaching Sian Brooke, who plays Dorothy, a series of silent cues to prompt his performance.

Mr Cott, who was born into an Irish farming family, said he enjoyed working with animals and that his time with the Boomtown Rats had helped him gear his training towards the film, music and television industries.

He said contrary to some rumours, Bobby was not named after Geldof.

The Cotts, who own dress designing company Phoenix Cobham as well as running Dog Training One2One and A-ZAnimals, have helped coach thousands of animals using an American training method Mr Cott refers to as 'dog whispering.'

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Geldof plays the Pori Jazz Festival in Finland

His last scheduled date this year. Unless he's planning to join the Rats......
Expect the usual of undue amounts of solo material and a rendition of I Don't Like Mondays.

[ 6011 ]
Place: Kirjurinluoto Arena

• Ann Hampton Callaway & Novosibirsk Big Band
• Return To Forever: Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Lenny White
• Metro Special Edition feat. Randy Brecker & Dave Weckl
• Bob Geldof

Tickets: 55 eur,eng/joe=esiintyja?lang2=en&artist_no=21803&venue_no=35832

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Geldof goes to Halle

Geldof and band played the Händels Open in Halle.

21.00 Uhr Halle (Hallmarkt) Bob Geldof und Band

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back at the Irish Pub in the middle of the fucking desert again.

Geldof played The Irish Village, Garhoud, Dubai. Those guys must love him even if he didn't think too much of the venue first time around. Also a little safer than Libya. Also Geldof had a pretty dull interview in Dubai!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Geldof Backs Dustin For Europe

Live on RTE1 from 8pm (if you can bear it!)

His participation in tonight's final may have already ruffled a few feathers, but Dustin the Turkey yesterday received the heavyweight backing of Bob Geldof in his bid for Eurovision glory.

The musician and co-founder of Live Aid said it would be nothing short of "rank poultryism" should "one of the greatest talents this country has ever produced" fail to be selected to represent "our glorious musical heritage" on the world stage.

"The mere fact of his being a turkey should give Ireland the edge," suggested Geldof.
He said it should not be claimed that "simply because this giant is a turkey he is somehow unfit to represent his country".If the Eurovision Song Contest was known for anything at all, he added, "it is the vast number of turkeys it produces each year . . . Sure won't he gobble them up!"

Asked to comment on Bob Geldof's support, Dustin said he was glad to have the support of someone who, "like meself does a little bit of charity work in his spare time". He added: "I really am chuffed. We couldn't get Christy Moore."