Friday, September 18, 2009

The first Rats Tape

I just read about a demo tape from the Rats pre-record contract. Interesting that the only songs to ever make it to record were Neon Heart and Born to Burn. Menage A Trois did get an airing on BBC Radio 1 back in 1979, but there are few unknown Rats songs. It is also possible that these tracks changed names and are familiar. However, I don't have any idea on that.

I guess no one has this. Do they? You know it's Christmas soon? Should you have it or a copy, let me know. But don't expect me to pay for it, I've given out plenty of rare MP3s/videos so I'm due some payback!

You can get a flavour of the tape from the originals. Use Spotify to construct a playlist, unless you happen to have all the tracks. I bought Burnin' by the Wailers yesterday, so bar a couple of tracks I have most of them somewhere.

There are 22 tracks on the tape with seven Rats originals. Dave Moloney (of Vipers fame) plays drums on the first 10 tracks, Simon Crowe on the rest.

In general, I have gone for the version The Rats are most likely to have copied rather than the true original.

Side One
Rolling Stones (Original Chuck Berry)Little Queenie
Little WalterMy Babe
Boomtown RatsGettin' Back To Me
WailersGet Up Stand Up
Boomtown RatsNew Wave (New Age)
Boomtown RatsNeon Heart
Chuck BerryPromised Land
Ronnie WoodI Can Feel The Fire
Rolling Stones (Original Nat King Cole)Route 66
Boomtown RatsBorn To Burn
Boomtown RatsJesse James
Side Two
Eddie Cochran (Original Clyde McPhatter song)Money Honey
Dr. FeelgoodAll Through The City
Rolling Stones (Original Chuck Berry)Carol
The WhoMy Generation
Dr. FeelgoodRiot In Cell Block #9
Little WalterMy Babe
Dr. Feelgood (Original John Lee Hooker)Boom Boom
Dr. FeelgoodDon't You Just Know It
Boomtown RatsGetting Back To Me
Boomtown RatsMenage A Trois
Rolling Stones (Original Chuck Berry)Little Queenie