Friday, December 07, 2007

Geldof plays Germany

7th Dec 2007 Columbia Club Berlin
8th Dec 2007 Hartenholm Festival
9th Dec 2007 Weltsalon Tollwood Winterfestival Theresienwiese, M√ľnchen

The gigs took place, an audience turned up and some reviews

Friday, October 19, 2007

I am Bob

Best thing Geldof has done since, err, the Great Song of Indifference.

Geldof is abandoned by his chauffer at a remote pub in the north of England. A lookalike competition is taking place which Geldof competes in order to win the cash prize and get to Scotland. Geldof has to compete with a Geldof lookalike singing a duet of I Don’t Like Mondays, which would be a splendid promo in its own right, and answer questions on Geldof. With a running time of around 19 minutes, this is a little gem that is well worth taking a look at.

Watch it

Review from the Times

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Geldof in Poland

Not a lot I can add other than there were two free concerts, an audience turned up and Geldof did as well.

1-Sep Warsaw
2-Sep Lubin

Irish singer and charity campaigner Bob Geldof performed with Polish rock musician Lech Janerka at a Music for Peace concert on Warsaw's Teatralny Square Sept. 1. Geldof always wrote rock music with lyrics that never stayed indifferent to reality, and so his involvement in the Warsaw concert is no coincidence. Like Geldof's, Janerka's music is rebellious and expressive. With the Klaus Mitffoch band, which he formed in 1979, Janerka recorded an album titled after the name of the group that was hailed as one of the most important in the history of Polish pop and rock. The lyrics dealt with the reality of communist Poland in the 1980s, and many of the songs criticized the regime of the time.

Sept. 1, 8 p.m.
1 Teatralny Sq., free admission.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I Predict A Riot

Geldof off causing trouble in Libya. Rumours that the rioting started when he gave some of his solo material an airing are grossly exaggerated! Those Libyans have exemplary musical taste :-) . Word to the wise, stick to the Rats material in the future.

No one knows why Geldof was out there for an unannounced concert at a politcal rally for Gadaffi's son. Maybe it was political, maybe just financial. The band almost lost their equipment to boot. I suspect the next time Geldof is back in that part of the world it will be in the Irish pub in the middle of the fucking desert.

... the young people suddenly awoke with the arrival of Bob Geldof, the celebrated rocker and anti-poverty campaigner. Before starting, Geldof suggested the soldiers leave. Things then started to get nasty! The crowd chanted ("Libya! Libya! "), the spectators rained projectiles onto the stage, forcing Geldof and his musicians to wrap things up quickly.

... when Sir Bob Geldof then took to the stage to play a rock concert, talking in the language Libyans had been kept from learning and which they needed most in interacting and trading with the outside world, the crowd protested. Sir Bob tried to calm them, but their contempt grew even stronger. For days after streets were cordoned off in Benghazi, where many young men had been stirred.

What remains difficult to understand, however, is what was Geldof doing there in the first place? Accepting an invitation to play after the dictator's son's speech suggests support of a regime that has oppressed the Libyan people for 38 years.

Sir Bob Geldof's appearance on stage brought all this back; reminded us of what had been taken from us and was now being returned, by the very regime that had imposed this narrow interpretation of who we were, without apology or even an explanation, and in the grotesque form of a pop concert.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Geldof second on bill in Florence

Geldof did turn up. I was holidaying in nearby France, but we didn't meet!

The Italia Wave Love Festival, to be held in Florence from July 17-22, features first-rate Italian and international guests such as Bob Geldof.

ITALY WAVE, 22 July 2007


[00.15] Carmen Consoli
[22.05] Bob Geldof (Ireland)
[20.20] Naturally 7 (USA)
[19.25] Julie Feeney (Ireland)
[19.00] Waines (Sicily)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rock Goes To College - BBC 4 - 7.30pm

Forty minutes of a great performance. Shame I missed it :-( Don't suppose anyone out there has a recording? on DVD?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

He Bangs The Drum

Simon Crowe is back on the road with Jiggerypipery with two dates in Scotland this weekend.

"I think the Boomtown Rats was a pop band really. We invented our own style – we were out to be successful, but not in the sense of wanting to be celebrities – though that was possibly an ambition of Sir Bob's. But we got to go around the world a couple of times – and we sold a lot of records!"
Highland Times Article

There are even some MP3s available so you can listen to what Simon is up to these days Listen to Jiggerypipery

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Geldof at the Hay Festival

A busy day or two for Geldof. He'll need to rest up before heading off to the G8 summit in Germany.

An interview with Mariella Frostrup (Video)

Bob Geldof in Concert
House band, back from Colombia and Spain, play infectious, danceable Irish folk-rock. Frontman talks the talk. Sponsored By: The Granary
Price: £17.00

Set List?

1. The Great Song of Indifference
2. Love or Something
3. A Sex Thing
4. When The Night Comes
5. Walking Back To Happiness
6. Banana Republic
7. Harvest Moon
8. One for Me
9. Mudslide
10. I Don't Like Mondays
11. Birthday Suit
12. Attitude Chicken
13. Someone's Looking At You
14. Joey's on The Street Again
15. Rat Trap
16. Room 19
17. Chains
18. Beat of the Night
19. Diamond Smiles

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Geldof back at the Irish pub in the middle of the fucking desert

Precious little I can say about this, other than to report it happened and it was a free gig. Next stop Hay-on-Wye in May.§ion=weekend&col=

Bob Geldof is back at the Irish Village in Dubai a year after his last visit. The event is free and the crowd thickens, but there is enough standing room for all. Some laze on the lawn and enjoy the breeze and the timeless voice wafting though it.
“The same old shirt, the same old suit, the same old place and the same old song,” says Geldof to an uproarious crowd. “I never thought we’d celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Dubai with a sandstorm,” he quips. “But it’s a balmy night.”

He croons to a crowd that can’t seem to get enough of him — some old favourite numbers, one that he wrote during a trip to a remote Africa, that was never recorded, and a nice mix of loud and fast numbers and soft and sensuous ones.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Geldof at Hay Festival Colombia

They thought it was all over (well I did!) , but Geldof decided to continue with his music career in South America.

At $12.000 Colombian pesos a ticket it sounds expensive (probably is in Colombia), but equates to about £3.00 or $5.40. You could even have blown a tenner and rattled your jewellery at Geldof. 20% of the audience were students on a freebie, handy if you can't shift tickets.

"STUDENTS GO FREE TO BOB GELDOF'S CONCERT.Registration is open now. Enough places available" - On the day!

As for the gig itself, there was a crowd of 10,000 (gasp!), and he performed for around two hours. Among the songs reportedly played were I Don’t Like Mondays, This is the World Calling, The Beat of the Night, and Room 19 (Sha la la lee).

The following day, dressed like the man from Panama, he was presented with a a guitar fashioned from a decommissioned guerrilla AK47 at the Teatro Heredia.

And no hurricanes to spoil the spectacle this time.

It's possible there may be a podcast coming soon on the Hay Festival Archive site..... (don't hold your breath though),,2005281,00.html
Bob Geldof in concert
The Hay Festival is pleased to present, for the first time in Colombia, Bob Geldof, organiser of the legendary concerts Live Aid and Live 8 and founder of the band Boomtown Rats. Geldof’s music fuses an Irish sound with classic rock and he is one of the great international music stars.
TICKET PRICE: $12.000 Colombian pesos
VIP ZONE PRICE: $ 40.000 Colombian pesos

Alternatively, hear him speak!

12:00- 13:00h, Teatro Heredia (Heredia Theatre)
Bob Geldof in conversation with Peter FlorenceAs well as being an exceptional musician, Bob Geldof was one of the main organisers of the Live Aid (1985) and Live 8 (2005) concerts which attracted world attention towards the growing problem of poverty in Africa. In July 2005 the Live 8 concerts drew crowds of 3 billion people spread across ten different cities. Largely due to international pressure exerted by the attendance success at the concerts, members of the G8 agreed to significantly increase economic aid to several African countries. The charismatic rock star will talk to Peter Florence, Director of the Hay Festival, about music, Ireland and with regards to Africa, about the G8 leaders, aid programmes and trade tariffs. Simultaneous translation into Spanish will be provided..

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bootlegs! (Courtesy of HappyFanClub)

A list of bootlegs - I haven't got any of them. All MP3s gratefully accepted.

BBC in Concert 1978
01. Intro 02. Mary Of The Fourth Form 03. Me & Howard Hughes 04. I Never Loved Eva Braun 05. Don't Belive What You Read 06. Rat Trap 07. Kicks 08. Joey's On The Street Again 09. Living On An Island1 0. She's Gonna Do You In11. Like Clockwork1 2. She's So Modern13. Looking After Number One14. Do The Rat

Live in Germany 1978
1. Close As You'll Ever Be 2. Never Bite The Hand That Feeds3. Kicks4. She's So Modern5. Joey's On The Street Again6. Don't Belive What You Read7. She's Gonna Do You In8. Do The Rat9. It's All The Rage1 0. Mary Of The Fourth Form11. Looking After Number One

Middlesex Polytechnic 1978
1. Mary Of The 4th Form 2. Me And Howard Hughes3. I Never Loved Eva Braun4. Don't Believe What You Read5. Rat Trap6. Kicks7. Living In An Island8. She's Gonna Do You In9. Like Clockwork1 0. She's So Modern11. Do The Rat

Live at Rainbow 1978
1. Mary of the 4th Form 2. I Never Loved Eva Braun3. Close as You'll Ever Be4. Late Last Night5. Me and Howard Hughes6. Like Clockwork7. Joey's on the Street Again8. Rat Trap9. Don't Belive What You Read1 0. So Strange11. She's So Modern1 2/13. Looking After N°1 14. Blind Date

Live Rarities 1978/79/84
track list Live at the Musiklanden 1978 1. Never bite the hands that feed 2. Kicks3. She’s so modern4. Joey’s on the street again5. Don’t belive what you read6. She’s gonna do you in7. Do the rat8. It’s all the rage9. Mary of the 4th form1 0. Looking after n°1 Live in Los Angeles 1979 11. Having my picture taken1 2. Rat trap13. Keep it up14. “Promo Radio” Live for The Tube 1984 15. Drag me down16. Rat trap

Live 1979
Live in Frankfurt 1. I don't like mondays 2. Like clockwork3. Nothing happened today4. Nice' n' neat5. Having my picture taken6. Rat trap7. Kicks8. Someone's looking at you Live at Hammersmith (London) 9. Like Clockwork1 0. Charmed lives11. Up all night1 2. I don't like mondays13. Rat trap

Live at Boston Mass ( 2 CDs) 1980
43.32 + 44.36
CD 1 1 Wind Chill Factor (Minus Zero) 2 Like Clockwork3 Nothing Happened Today4 I Never Loved Eva Braun5 Nice 'n' Neat6 Having My Picture Taken7 Joey's On the Street Again8 I Don't Like Mondays9 Someone's Looking At You
CD 2 1 Keep it Up (very beginning cut) 2 Rat Trap3 Kicks4 Mary of the 4th Form (incl Band intros)5 Blind Date6 She's So Modern7 Looking After Number 18 Sleep (Finger's Lullaby)

Live at NHK-Hall Tokyo 1980
1. Wind Chill Factor (Minus Zero) 2. Like Clockwork3. Nothing Happened Today4. I Never Loved Eva Braun5. Nice 'n' Neat6. Joey's On the Street Again7. I Don't Like Mondays (end cut)8. Rat Trap9. Mary of the 4th Form1 0. Blind Date11. She's So Modern1 2. Looking After Number 1 13. Diamond Smiles

Live at BBC College Concert 1982
1. Like Clockwork 2. Charmed Lives3. Up All Night4. House On Fire5. Nothing Happened Today6. Never In A Million Years7. Sleep (Finger's Lullaby)8. I Don't Like Mondays9. Having My Picture Taken1 0. Rat Trap11. Keep It Up

Live at BBC's Radio One 1982
1. As Close As You'll Ever Be 2. Like Clockwork3. Charmed Lives4. House On Fire5. Nothing Happened Today6. I Don't Like Mondays7. Joey's On The Street Again8. Having My Picture Taken9. Rat Trap1 0. Someone's Looking At You11. Keep It Up Bonus track:1 2. Looking After No. 1 - (live for Ireland - 1986)

London 1982
1. Like Clockwork 2. Charmed Lives3. Up All Night4. House On Fire5. Wild Chill Factor Minus Zero6. Never In a Million Years7. Sleep (Fingers' Lullaby)8. I Don't Like Mondays9. Having My Picture Taken1 0. Rat Trap

Live at Tenax 1982 Italy
1. Never Bite the Hand That Feeds 2. Living in an Island3. Stir It Up (B. Marley)4. Charmed Lives5. Wind Chill Factor (minus zero)6. Sleep (Finger's Lullaby)7. I Don't Like Mondays8. Joe's on the Street Again9. Having My Picture Taken1 0. Rat Trap11. Keep It Up1 2. Banana Repuplic13. Under Their Thrumb14. Someone's Looking at You

BBC Rock Hour / Westwood One 1982/83
track list BBC Rock Hour - (198 2) 1. Like Clockwork 2. Charmed Lives3. Up All Night4. I Don't Like Mondays5. Rat Trap Westwood One (1983) 6. Nothing Happened Today7. Never In A Million Years8. I Don't Like Mondays9. Having My Picture Taken1 0. Rat Trap11. Keep It Up

Sight & Sound 1984
1. Like Clock Work 2. Charmed Lives3. Lucky4. Tonight5. Talking in Code6. Someone's Looking at You7. Dave8. Rat Trap

BBC In concert 1985
track list 1. Intro 2. Charmed Lives3. Lucky4. Neon Heart5. Wind Chill Factor (Minus Zero)6. Dave7. A Hold Of Me8. I Don't Like Mondays9. Talking In Code1 0. Hurt Hurts11. Rat Trap1 2. Drag Me Down13. Looking After Number One

Aid & More! 1985/86
53. 29
track list Boomtown Rats - Self Aid1. Someone's Looking at You 2. Joey's on the Street Again3. Looking After N°1 B. Geldof - Will Shriner Show4. You Can't Be Too Strong Boomtown Rats - Unre. traks5. Say Hi to Mick6. Precious Time7. Walking Downtown Boomtown Rats - Live Aid8. I Don't Like Mondays9. Drag Me Down1 0. Rat Trap Boomtown Rats -Live at Tenax11. Do They Know it's Xmas?

Live in Glastobury 1986
time 58.59
track list 1. Introduction 2. Charmed Lives3. Lucky4. Neon Heart5. Wind Chill Factor6. Dave7. A Hold of Me8. I Don't Like Mondays9. Talking in Code1 0. Hurt Hurts11. Rat Trap1 2. Drag Me Down13. Looking After N°1

On a Night Like This 1986
track list 1. Elephants Graveyard 2. Charmed Lives3. Lucky4. Neon Heart5. Someone's Looking at you6. Dave7. Hold of Me8. I Don't Like Mondays9. Talk in Code1 0. Rat Trap11. Drag me Down1 2. Looking After N° 1

Ireland & Dubliners 1986
time 71.39