Saturday, February 23, 2008

Geldof Backs Dustin For Europe

Live on RTE1 from 8pm (if you can bear it!)

His participation in tonight's final may have already ruffled a few feathers, but Dustin the Turkey yesterday received the heavyweight backing of Bob Geldof in his bid for Eurovision glory.

The musician and co-founder of Live Aid said it would be nothing short of "rank poultryism" should "one of the greatest talents this country has ever produced" fail to be selected to represent "our glorious musical heritage" on the world stage.

"The mere fact of his being a turkey should give Ireland the edge," suggested Geldof.
He said it should not be claimed that "simply because this giant is a turkey he is somehow unfit to represent his country".If the Eurovision Song Contest was known for anything at all, he added, "it is the vast number of turkeys it produces each year . . . Sure won't he gobble them up!"

Asked to comment on Bob Geldof's support, Dustin said he was glad to have the support of someone who, "like meself does a little bit of charity work in his spare time". He added: "I really am chuffed. We couldn't get Christy Moore."