Saturday, September 16, 1978

Rock Goes To College/Don't Believe What You Hear

BBC TV - Live Concert - September 1978 - Middlesex Polytechnic Hendon
  1. Mary Of The 4th Form
  2. Introduction - Peter Drummond*
  3. Me & Howard Hughes
  4. I Never Loved Eva Braun
  5. Don't Believe What You Read
  6. Rat Trap
  7. Kicks
  8. Joey's On The Street Again
  9. Living On A Island
  10. She's Gonna Do You In
  11. Like Clockwork
  12. She's So Modern**
  13. Looking After No. 1**

Quite possibly, it was the original broacast of this back in 1978 that turned me into a devotee rather than as casual listener of the Boomtown Rats.

The set list is not dissimilar to the Hammersmith Odeon set, but is a little less polished, and all the better for it. Also visually it was a lot better devoid of any special effects, though you have to remember I have not seen this for almost thirty years now!

It is also the best known Boomtown Rats bootleg. There are other tapes/MP3s out there, of course, but none have really gone beyond the ubiquitous TDK C90 bar this one.

There are two known formats. There is the Vinyl LP....

BOOMTOWN RATS In Concert (Rare 1978 original UK BBC Transcription Service radio library LP, recorded live in concert at the Middlesex Polytechnic, North London; with original cue sheet CN3189/S).

....and the CD (with especially dodgy artwork!)

label STREAMWAY INC. (unofficial)
cat. no. KISS NO. 1

This was last broadcast on the defunct UK Arena back in 1999. Let's hope it will be broadcast again.


Anonymous said...

im looking for a bootleg of the Rats gig at Knebworth Sept. 1978..
can anyone help?

will to b n p or check out my trade list

mail to

thanks for any help...

Flip Martian said...

Some while back I remastered the boot of this broadcast - sounds bloody amazing now, good clear as a bell stereo with some balls. Grab it from here: