Friday, January 26, 2007

Geldof at Hay Festival Colombia

They thought it was all over (well I did!) , but Geldof decided to continue with his music career in South America.

At $12.000 Colombian pesos a ticket it sounds expensive (probably is in Colombia), but equates to about £3.00 or $5.40. You could even have blown a tenner and rattled your jewellery at Geldof. 20% of the audience were students on a freebie, handy if you can't shift tickets.

"STUDENTS GO FREE TO BOB GELDOF'S CONCERT.Registration is open now. Enough places available" - On the day!

As for the gig itself, there was a crowd of 10,000 (gasp!), and he performed for around two hours. Among the songs reportedly played were I Don’t Like Mondays, This is the World Calling, The Beat of the Night, and Room 19 (Sha la la lee).

The following day, dressed like the man from Panama, he was presented with a a guitar fashioned from a decommissioned guerrilla AK47 at the Teatro Heredia.

And no hurricanes to spoil the spectacle this time.

It's possible there may be a podcast coming soon on the Hay Festival Archive site..... (don't hold your breath though),,2005281,00.html
Bob Geldof in concert
The Hay Festival is pleased to present, for the first time in Colombia, Bob Geldof, organiser of the legendary concerts Live Aid and Live 8 and founder of the band Boomtown Rats. Geldof’s music fuses an Irish sound with classic rock and he is one of the great international music stars.
TICKET PRICE: $12.000 Colombian pesos
VIP ZONE PRICE: $ 40.000 Colombian pesos

Alternatively, hear him speak!

12:00- 13:00h, Teatro Heredia (Heredia Theatre)
Bob Geldof in conversation with Peter FlorenceAs well as being an exceptional musician, Bob Geldof was one of the main organisers of the Live Aid (1985) and Live 8 (2005) concerts which attracted world attention towards the growing problem of poverty in Africa. In July 2005 the Live 8 concerts drew crowds of 3 billion people spread across ten different cities. Largely due to international pressure exerted by the attendance success at the concerts, members of the G8 agreed to significantly increase economic aid to several African countries. The charismatic rock star will talk to Peter Florence, Director of the Hay Festival, about music, Ireland and with regards to Africa, about the G8 leaders, aid programmes and trade tariffs. Simultaneous translation into Spanish will be provided..

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Anonymous said...

Well, well, Colombian press said a crowd of 10,000 (+ Jeanne), so 10,001 then. His biggest crowd for a long time. A fifth of tickets for every event were given free to students. They were dancing at the front and a lot of Irish flags were being waved. By all acounts, (several local reviews), it was a great night.