Thursday, June 28, 2007

He Bangs The Drum

Simon Crowe is back on the road with Jiggerypipery with two dates in Scotland this weekend.

"I think the Boomtown Rats was a pop band really. We invented our own style – we were out to be successful, but not in the sense of wanting to be celebrities – though that was possibly an ambition of Sir Bob's. But we got to go around the world a couple of times – and we sold a lot of records!"
Highland Times Article

There are even some MP3s available so you can listen to what Simon is up to these days Listen to Jiggerypipery

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ROBIN said...

I love JIGGERYPIPERY,and Simon Crowe is fine as ever.Even my random on my CD player picks JIGGERY over the BOOMTOWN RATS 9 times out of ten.I love you Simon wherever you are. ROBIN.