Saturday, February 23, 2013

Irish Press Coverage

Lots of press coverage in Ireland at the moment,  nice to see the old Geldof back again being a pain.  Should shift a few tickets for the Cork date.

Short TV Interview.

Irish Times
Geldof pointed out that he had strong links to Leeside as it was where his father met his mother and where his sisters were born.
"Its over 30 years since the Rats formed but I would defy anyone to go through Banana Republic, Rat Trap or Looking After No 1, line by line and tell me that what we were singing about is still not pertinent and relevant today"

Irish Sun
Speaking to John Murray on RTE Radio One yesterday, Bob said: “I’m going to Australia in a couple of days and to Chicago tomorrow. And I guarantee you I’ll see queueing at the airports — very smart young Irish people who ain’t coming back. That is a grotesque tragedy.”

Cork Evening Echo
"It's time to perform the Rats songs again because of the climate that's in it. Those songs came out of specific social, economic and political conditions.  We knew that this country had betrayed its own people so that they couldnt provide a future for their own children viz us. And why were we quiet?"
"I never thought wed go back to the haemorrhaging of our own talent, never in a million years.  That's why I feel the songs we wrote back in the 1970s and 80s still have a pertinence today, I won't do pantomime. I'm not into nostalgia. I'm certainly not into pretending I'm 23 again but I can guarantee that when you hear those songs like Looking After Number One and Banana Republic, it'll be like 1979 again.  We've only been back together again for a couple of weeks and Ive forgotten most of the words so were learning them all off again but the  creative energy that comes from the people who wrote the songs performing them live is incredible"

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