Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rewind Festival South

There is a recording available, however the tracks appear to be playing at the incorrect speed.  Listen for yourself

Play 'She's So Modern'1She's So ModernRewind Festival 17-08-201405:11
Play 'Like Clockwork'2Like ClockworkRewind Festival 17-08-201404:11
Play 'Someone's Looking At You'3Someone's Looking At YouRewind Festival 17-08-201406:36
Play 'I Don't Like Mondays'4I Don't Like MondaysRewind Festival 17-08-201406:09
Play 'Mary Of The Fourth Form'5Mary Of The Fourth FormRewind Festival 17-08-201408:49
Play 'Looking After Number One'5Looking After Number OneRewind Festival 17-08-201403:50
Play 'Rat Trap'7Rat TrapRewind Festival 17-08-201404:28
Play 'The Boomtown Rats'8The Boomtown RatsRewind Festival 17-08-201402:19

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Anonymous said...

By Sue Archer and Leigh Adams

80s FESTIVAL Rewind went off with a boom this weekend – and it wasn’t just the fireworks – it was the Boomtown Rat himself, Sir Bob Geldof.

Making an expletive-strewn first appearance at Rewind, the controversial die-hard rocker certainly made the 40,000 strong crowd take notice on Sunday as he exploded onto the stage.

Proving to be the Marmite of the festival – the audience either loved him or loathed him – the zany frontman could be heard swearing in the wings, even before making an appearance.

But his most famous hits including I Don’t Like Mondays and Rat Trap were well received by the 30 and 40-somethings reliving their misspent youths.