Monday, November 03, 2014

Monday 3rd November 2014 - CAMBRIDGE Junction

Support: Republica

My second annual pilgrimage to Cambridge to see the Rats in a smaller venue than those I would normally see them in London. A slow train journey allowed me to consume the best part of a nice bottle of rjoca, however it did mean I missed Republica and ended up a little away from the stage, however, The Junction is pretty compact, so even if you had your back to the wall, you'd still be as close as you could ever get to the stage at The O2 or a festival.

The Rats had a new swanky video to replace the projections of the last tour, even if the visuals are more or less identical, except a montage of them playing at festivals when introduced by Geldof during the encore of Diamond Smiles.  Also a new twist on the snakeskin suit story which was welcomed by those who had undoubtedly seen the Rats last year at the nearby Corn Exchange.

The set was the standard that had preceded it on the tour to date, which meant no Joey (boo) but a welcome return for Howard Hughes (hurray).   It was the show that met expectations, in front of a quite subdued audience bar the odd pocket of excitement. Nevertheless, good to see the Rats at a venue where you can see the reds of their eyes and get involved.

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