Friday, May 29, 2015

Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany

Schlachthof translates as Slaughter House, which equates to Meat Factory, so most appropriate they ended the set with Rat Trap!

They played...

  • (I Never Loved) Eva Braun 
  • Like Clockwork 
  • Neon Heart 
  • (She's Gonna) Do You In 
  • Someone's Looking at You 
  • Banana Republic 
  • She's So Modern 
  • I Don't Like Mondays 
  • Close as You'll Ever Be 
  • Mary of the 4th Form 
  • Looking After No. 1 
  • Rat Trap 
  • Diamond Smiles 
  • The Boomtown Rats 

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Anonymous said...

WIESBADEN - Confused mane, wild curses, manic dancing and good old New Wave attitude: Bob Geldof has once again entmottet the snakeskin suit and rescues for once not the world, but the memory of his beginnings as a true punk. With the 2013 reunified Boomtown Rats of Sir in the Wiesbaden Slaughterhouse is a highly acclaimed concert that proves assembly are still not his thing, but he can still snotty rock'n'roll. Even with the 63rd

Of course, since a good deal of skepticism is initially attached. Because actually have the guys that since march forward to sirens, flashlights and the opening song "(I Never Loved) Eva Braun," played their farewell gig 30 years ago. Anno 1985, a few months after the "Live Aid" -Spektakel were Geldof, Pete Briquette (bass), Somon Crowe (drums) and co. once again set out on their last tour. The fate of the Irish combo but seemed finally settled, Bob has played solo from now - and was beaten for his charity work by the Queen knighted.

Two years ago, then the surprising comeback of the rats, although not necessarily in old freshness or with new songs. A few test concerts in small clubs were on the agenda, but also just a really big performance at the "Isle of White" festival. During the "Reunion Tour" were now actually three stations in Germany on the plan. What remains is only the slaughterhouse concert after two refusals. Well, the room is not sold out here, the mood of the first minute but top - and Sir Bob, equipped with tambourine, harmonica and chewing gum, in top form.

"Like Clockwork" (with curdling Ringer tinkle), "Neon Heart" or "(She's gonna) Do you in" then rock the same times from, as if someone had times turned hard on the clock and beamed us in the late 1970's , Fits to Geldof has once again risen in his gray, now somewhat greasy become "fucking Snakeskin Suit" and are feverishly chewing gum chewing to Mick Jagger for all friends of faux snakeskin. The voice powerfully that dancing is as bizarre as flashy, the gray mane soon drenched in sweat and grim punk pose still present - no, an alibi exercise is different.

Perhaps Sir Bob has indeed together with Madame Jeanne Marine, and his third marriage in St. Tropez all dark chapter of his family history - from the death of his ex Paula Yates to heroin drama daughter Peaches - overcome and fueled new energy. "Banana Republic", "Lookin after No.1" or a Springsteen-like facility arranged "Council Tap" one has in any case no longer eternally so brilliantly well heard.

In autopilot mode

Only "I do not like Mondays", the indispensable, perhaps the biggest hit of the Council on a Amokläuferin in San Diego in 1979, he seems to want to run only in autopilot mode. However remunerated in an XL-medley version of "Mary of the 4th Form" with obeisance to John Lee Hooker ("Boom Boom") and somehow everything is grooving ravishing rock-bluesy. Since then the band around Stoics Alan Dunn (keyboards) and "Silver-Guitarrero" Gary Roberts may shine. At the end there's encores "Diamond Smiles" and, guess what, "The Boomtown Rats" - it is, after all, go with the council and "Bobby Boomtown". Maybe not the worst idea.