Monday, August 03, 2015

Friedberg, Germany

They Played

  • (I Never Loved) Eva Braun 
  • Like Clockwork 
  • Neon Heart 
  • (She's Gonna) Do You In 
  • Someone's Looking at You 
  • Banana Republic 
  • She's So Modern 
  • I Don't Like Mondays 
  • Close as You'll Ever Be 
  • Mary of the 4th Form
  • Looking After No. 1 
  • Rat Trap 


  • Diamond Smiles 
  • The Boomtown Rats 

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Anonymous said...

I Do Like Mondays
The Boomtown Rats, BR Radltour, parking Seegmüller Friedberg, 03.08.2015

Now that the high summer had returned, my husband wanted to again give the right the mountains. We drove towards Garmisch and had a family hike planned by cable car ride and mega cool observation deck. But at the end of the motorway at Eschenlohe went nothing more. In storage so little has moved that we have finally decided to give up and turn back disappointed. Am Kochelsee we pastime and cooling (and how !! Poof was icy!) Wanted. In the late afternoon we went to Friedberg near Augsburg, mostly on highways, because we wanted to avoid the rush hour traffic on the Munich ring. That was a miserable Gurkerei as the traffic in the smaller places often faltered and there were diversions repeatedly.

The old town of Friedberg perched on a hill and is surrounded by a city wall, which is built on. In a long bend it comes to the city walls along steeply up to the marketplace. Here the cyclists had a few hours before kicking the stage destination, at the end of the curve was hanging on the walls, a huge poster: "Almost g'schafft" We drove up easily by car, but felt nearly as KO.

Our hotel was located in the old town on the green roof of a small passage. The landlord was very nice and told us that it only goes back by 21 clock going on today, he had guests from the Bavarian Radio ("naa, Sir Bob Geldof sleeping net here ...").

After the artist of Radltour events were published, the Boomtown Rats appeared at first the most interesting appearance to me. Of course, "I Do not Like Mondays" one of the really great classics from my teenage time. And of course Bob Geldof is a true-legend, not least, of course, because he was the initiator of Live Aid, the probably most spectacular benefit concert of all time. On the other hand ... .the Boomtown Rats ... .mir was quite clear that Punk and New Wave are not quite mine.

Very eccentric Bob Geldof was on stage. In snakeskin suit and sunglasses he performed strange movements, gave the wrong view or croaked into the microphone. "I'm wearing snakeskin - and her? Just old T-shirts ". He introduced but then very quickly realized that the leather is not genuine. The show was full of energy and well worth seeing. Some of the songs I liked quite benign while others do not.

After Geldof had laid a furious harmonica solo and thereby rolling on the floor and on the guitarist, welcomed the audience. And was completely different. A natural guy who smiled sometimes.

Only for the song "Banana Republic" he said a few words, it was written in the early 80 on corrupt Irish Government and idly zusehende organizations.

A real highlight was "I Do not Like Mondays", where the audience was of course text safely. About the sad background of the song itself made no thoughts, there was now a super concert mood celebrated and it was just great. Allegedly it should be again been 12,000 spectators, on the premises of a furniture store, I had all but half a size smaller than before yesterday. It does not matter in any case it was enough for goose bumps when the mass the "OOH OOH oh" sang the refrain. And then this slow verse where Geldof is accompanied only by the piano .... Incidentally, was Monday today.

After that there was a medley with punk cover songs. Another one of my highlights was "Looking After No. 1", which I love, since I bought this record from the Irish Self Aid festival, which, incidentally, was the last appearance of the Boomtown Rats - in 1986. They are back together only since 2013 and have only a few concerts given in Germany.